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Armed with a netgun the DroneCatcher can safely remove illegally operated unmanned systems from the air. After detection e.g. by radar, acoustics or vision, the unmanned helicopter is able to quickly approach hovering or slow moving threats. With the use of its onboard camera, the netgun can be aimed and fired at the threat and the drone will be caught and removed.

Depending on the weight of the system that is to be removed, the DroneCatcher can bring the captured drone, using a cable, to a harmless place. Or in case of a caught drone that is too heavy, a parachute coupled to the net ensures low impact on the ground.

Delft Dynamics B.V. is specialized in building small unmanned helicopters for stable, easy to control, aerial sensor-platforms. This is accomplished by intelligently combining computer and sensor technology.

Key Features Netgun (working prototype)

DroneCatcher tekening shade small
Laser Distance Sensor
Live feed to ground control
Precision gimbal, stabilized for platform motions
4 barreled high pressure netgun
DroneCatcher mount

Making the air secure


Nowadays it is relatively easy and cheap to buy a drone. These systems have created a new way for criminals to use them for smuggling or to disturb public order and security. To counter this threat, project DroneCatcher is initiated by Delft Dynamics and is supported by the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee (Military Police), the Dutch National Police and the Dutch Ministry of Safety and Justice.

The DroneCatcher is ideal for securing:

* Airports
* Prisons
* Military bases
* Parlement buildings
* Private properties

Only the best technology

Custom made

Delft Dynamics has more than 10 years of experience in developing drones. The DroneCatcher systems are custom made, both hardware and software, for the best possible results.

A complete flying DroneCatcher system includes (apart from the drone with netgun):

*  Groundstation, transportation boxes, training and manuals
*  Camera and laser distance meter for precise hit
*  Set of canisters with net and parachute
*  Delft Dynamics’ ground control systems come standard with velocity & waypoint control, etc.


DroneCatcherFlying system
Dimensions775 x 755 x 350 mm
SpeedCurrently up to 20 m/s
Operating timeUp to 30 min.
Netgun rangeUp to 20 meters
Weight< 6 kg

DroneCatcher (flying system)

Need to secure a large area? This DroneCatcher will be your solution. The heavy lifter is able to fly for 30 minutes, more than enough to catch any hostile drone.


Drone Los

DroneCatcher continues!

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Project DroneCatcher started in 2015 when Dutch Police, Military Police and others called for solutions for the protection against unmanned mobile systems. The commission appointed the proposal of Delft Dynamics as…

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